JULY 17, 2010

Dan & Bill Walkner

Bill recently retired, having spent the last 45 years as a carpenter. Now that there is time on his hands, he spends many hours a day in the music room writing and recording new material. He is presently working on his third CD of original tunes. Music has always been one of the biggest joys in his life, it continues to be both a challenge and a friend. In his retirement, he has teamed up with many local musicians, including Lloyd Rohr, Chris Neumeyer, and his son, Dan Walkner. He is a musical storyteller, pulling anecdotes from his life into his songs. He is an accomplished guitarist and bassist, making music in the area for over 40 years.

Dan Walkner is also a singer and songwriter, but other than sharing a y-chromosome, he and Bill are very different. Dan was drawn more to the blues, and has played in the Madison area for close to a decade. Like his father before him, he picked up his first guitar at 18 and taught himself to play, paying his dues in the gritty bar scene. He described his musical experiences to a Manitowoc reporter like this: “It's about love, life, and struggle while combining rock, blues and jam music with a penchant for hard driving rhythms, transcendental soloing and inspirational improvisation.” His most current musical alliances were with Clovis Mann, which he co-founded with Ethan Noordyk and Stosh Jonjak, and his current project Crooked Barn, with Derek Pritzl.

As a duo, Bill and Dan draw from 2 different pools of influence, and create a style that is hard to categorize. Bill brings country, folk, and bluegrass with him, while Dan brings a harder edge of blues, rock, and funk. Together, they create a sound unlike anything you will find on your local record store shelves.